Alecia's Specialty Foods

Dear Friends,

Years ago before the convenience of processed food, our mothers and grandmothers spent many delightful hours in the summer kitchen "putting up" for the winter.  Sitting on the porch shelling peas, making preserves and pickles from the bounteous fruits and vegetables of the southern garden, stirring aromatic chutneys and conserves to be savored later in the year. Those were times of sharing in the making not only of wonderful food, but creating life long memories.  ALECIA”S SPECIALTY FOODS was born from such a tradition.

I have always had a gift when it came to foods, and love sharing them with my friends. It was through continued experimentation with the recipes that we created the first treasure of our product line, Alecias's Tomato Chutney. It is a variation of an old Indian recipe and although chutney is traditionally served as a condiment for curried dishes our chutney is a versatile, a delectable sauce that can be used to complement a vast variety of foods. We made it every summer using only the freshest ingredients and gave it as gifts. It rapidly became requested every year! Eventually our good friends at Highlands Bar and Grill and Bottega, two local restaurants asked to put it on their menus. That was the start of sharing our wonderful tomato chutney.

Today alecia’s specialty foods is located in a small cottage converted to a commercial kitchen on the back of our narnia farms.   The business has grown into marketing not only the tomato chutney, but also a variety of dried bean soups, and gift boxes into specialty food markets.  Our newest product, has been met with rave reviews, alecia’s peach chutney, and the tradition continue with the investigation of other products of relishes, barbecue sauces and salad dressings.

The variety of ways Alecias Tomato Chutney can be served is endless. For instance, it's a wonderful condiment for grilled chicken, tuna and pork. Use it on your favorite hamburger instead of catsup, add to your favorite baked bean recipe, add it to tour tuna or chicken salad. My husbands favorite is on a roasted turkey sandwich. it also is wonderful with peas and rice, cream cheese and crackers, scrambled eggs and on sausage biscuits. The possibilities are endless.